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The Ring, the Pirate, and the Wizard

aka Really Pathetically Wierd Icons

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<center><font face georgia; color="#FF6600"; size="1"><img src="http://www.angelfire.com/mech/sharingiscaring/artemisdizzy.gif"/>Welcome to the Ring, the Pirate, and the Wizard icons!<img src="http://www.angelfire.com/mech/sharingiscaring/artemisdizzy.gif"/></center>
This is a lil community to post POTC, LOTR, and HP icons in! We have a few rules, just follow em and we'll be ok!
<b>1//Sharing is caring... </b>
-don't be greedy
<b>2//Credit is cool... </b>
-and required unless stated by maker
<b>3//Comments are nice... </b>
-and polite
<b>4//Fun is required... </b>
-cuz KD loves fun
<b>5//LJ cut ALL ICONS! </b>
-due to bandwidth problems for anyone and everyone, and my sympathy to those who host, you must lj cut all icons...
<b>6//Direct linking is bad... </b>
-upload to your own space, savvy?
<b>7//Icons should relate to HP, LOTR, or POTC... </b>
-but hey, if that new fairy one you made is just spectacular, or you have a group of icons with a few misc icons, we can let this rule slide (also, see rule 13!!!!!!!!!!!!)
<b>8//Keep the icons clean...</b>
-i.e. NO porn, NO hentai
<b>9//Slash is ok... </b>
-I know it offends some people, but if it is clean slash, no objections here ^_~
<b>10//Warn people using LJ cut of bad words...</b>
-profanity offends some people, so if your icons contain swears, just please tell us.
<b>11//Don't overly promote your icon journals or sites...</b>
-KD abhores spam, so don't overly promote... it's that simple...
<b>12//We are not icons only...</b>
-that means backgrounds, headers, and friends only signs can be posted too!
<b>13//Things pertaining to Really Pathetically Wierd Icons require "alter-ego" in the subject bar...</b>
-that means if you post something not associated with HP, POTC, or LOTR, you need "alter-ego" in the subject bar...

Link Us!
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